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About the Library

Trustees of the Library

The first panel of Trustees for the Morse Institute Library were elected in 1863. These early Trustees served during the seminal period that resulted in the construction and occupation of the Morse Institute Library building on East Central Street. Since that time, the library continues to be governed by a five-member board of trustees. The trustees are elected by popular vote to 4-year terms. The trustees appoint the library director, who manages the operation of the library. Contact the Trustees of the Morse Institute Library here.

Name Position Start Date Term Expires
Kathleen Donovan President 2001 7th Term: 2023
Joseph Keefe Vice-President 1990 11th Term: 2023
Gerald Mazor Treasurer 2006 5th Term: 2023
Sally McCoubrey Secretary 2013 3rd Term: 2023
Carol A. Gloff Member 2021 1st Term: 2023

  For agendas, or to read minutes of the Trustee meetings, click here.