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Mission & Policies

I. Policy

  • The Morse Institute Library welcomes the opportunity to allow community groups and organizations to use the various display and exhibit areas of its libraries. Space is provided for displays and exhibits of an educational, cultural, civic, charitable or recreational nature, not for advertising for commercial enterprises nor for exhibits designed to serve specific candidates, campaigns or parties.

  • The Morse Institute Library does not endorse the beliefs or viewpoints of topics, which may be the subject of exhibits or displays in the library.

  • The Morse Institute Library shall have the final decision on all exhibits and displays. The Library reserves the right to reject any part of an exhibit or to change the manner of display.

  • The Board of Trustees reserves the right to suspend the application of any provision(s) of this policy for good cause.

II. Procedure

  • Applications for use of display/exhibit space are available at the Main Circulation Desk of the Morse Institute Library and on the library website at

  • Application for use of display/exhibit space by non-library affiliated groups will be honored on a first-come basis at the full discretion of the library administration.

  • Organizations/artists based in Natick or serving primarily Natick residents shall have priority for exhibit space. In order to provide maximum access to exhibit spaces, those organizations that have not used exhibit space within the past year shall have priority over those who have used the space more recently.

  • Reservations for display space shall not be made more than one year in advance. The Library will maintain a calendar of scheduled displays/exhibits.

  • It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to set up and remove the exhibit on the date and time specified on the Application for Display/Exhibit Space at the Morse Institute. The library is not responsible for items left after the appointed take down date and time.

  • Exhibitors are encouraged to visit the library prior to installation to determine how they would like the exhibit arranged.

  • The Library will not provide any supplies in the setting up or removal of an exhibit.
    If assistance is needed in setting up an exhibit, the exhibitor must request and schedule this assistance with library administration.

  • Display reservations are not transferable to another person or group. Displays may not be changed after installation without prior consultation with the Library.

  • Library use of display areas takes precedence over any other use and the library reserves the right to cancel the use of the display areas by outside exhibitors if the Library Director determines the display space is needed for library purposes. The Library will put forth reasonable effort to give advance notice of such preemption and to assist the exhibitor in reserving another date.

  • All displays/exhibits must be set up and removed with as little interference as possible to the daily operations of the library. Displays/exhibits will be set up and removed at pre-appointed times.

  • The Library will not provide storage for the property of organizations or individuals displaying in the library.

  • No fees are charged for display spaces and groups using display spaces may not charge an admission fee, request donations, or solicit funds in any way.

III. Exhibit Criteria

  • All exhibits must conform to the space restrictions of the display areas available at the library.

  • Exhibits hung on the walls or display panels shall be done so securely and under the guidelines of the Library.

  • Labels for exhibits must be furnished by the exhibitor. In all exhibit situations lettering for signage or textual information should be of high quality: neat, clear and articulately stated. Signage should not include any reference to sale price or a dollar amount.

  • All art must be suitably framed, with hanging apparatus or mounted and stabilized on a pedestal or display case. Framed art work must be installed on the library’s hanging system or as free-standing art within the exhibit space. Work that is fragile in nature or whose framing or display arrangement is of questionable durability may be rejected.

  • The Library shall not be responsible for handling any money from the sale of items displayed. Exhibitors who desire to sell items shall provide an artist statement, contact information, and information on how to purchase items. Any items sold during a display period shall remain on display until all items are scheduled to be removed.

  • Exhibits in the Lebowitz Meeting Hall shall be available to the general public only when no other meetings are in session. No meetings shall be interrupted to set-up, remove, or to view any exhibit while a meeting is in session. Artists must schedule a specific date and time to install and remove exhibits. Exhibit areas are open to the public only during the regular open hours of the library unless by special arrangement.

IV. Liability

  • The Morse Institute Library accepts no responsibility for the preservation, protection or possible damage or theft of any item displayed or exhibited. All items placed on display at the Morse Institute Library are done so at the owner's risk. All exhibitors are required to sign the Application for Display/Exhibit Space at the Morse Institute Library releasing the library from responsibility for exhibited items.

  • In return for the grant of permission to exhibit or display, all exhibitors will be required to agree to hold the Library (and the Town of Natick) harmless from any claims arising out of the damage, loss, or theft of any exhibited materials, even if such damage or theft is caused by the staff of the Library, or employees of the Town of Natick, or by members of the public and to indemnify and defend the Library and the Town of Natick against any such losses, damages or theft. Exhibitors will agree to hold the Library and the Town of Natick harmless and make them whole for any damages or injury to the Library and its staff and employees of Natick and the general public arising out of the placement and maintenance of the exhibit. The exhibitor is encouraged to insure itself for any losses to itself or the Library and the Town of Natick under the terms of this paragraph.

  • Damages to the premises, equipment or furnishings as a result of exhibitor use will be charged to the individual or group responsible.

V. Board Prerogative

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to suspend the application of any provision(s) of this policy for good cause.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, Morse Institute Library, November 8, 2011.
Amended February 14, 2012.
Amended January 18, 2022.