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Digital Map Collections for Genealogy

Digital Map Collections for Genealogy

Overview - What are Maps and How are they Used?

Researching your ancestors is a good hobby that offers lots of twists and turns. Most of us have a general idea of where we are from, or have lived in the past. But at some point all of us will find that we need to look at a map to better understand some fact that we found about our ancestor. It may have something to do with a cemetery, or what sort of building they lived in, what street, city, state, country, maybe even what the battlefield looked like that they lost their lives in. There are many types of historical maps out there and this resource guide provides good options to start with. If you would like to see other collections of historical maps, be sure to check-out our program guide "Digital Maps for the Modern Time Traveler." Happy trails!

Digital Historical Map Collections

Boundary Changes, Land Records, and Other Map Viewing Resources

Use Google Earth to Create Your Own Family History Map ***

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