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Historical Online Newspapers

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One of the best ways to find information about the past is researching old newspapers. But where do you find old newspapers? Where can you find newspapers from a particular town or region or country? How can you find historic newspaper collections online? And can you find these newspaper collections without paying a fortune?

This guide provides information and links to resources that offer free access to historic online newspapers. But while these collections are digital, some may not be remotely available to search from home. You may need to call the owning institution to see if and how you can access their digital collection from home. 


Types of Newspaper Articles

Websites that offer digitized newspaper content that can be searched a number of ways including by name, keyword, place, name of newspaper, or date. So even if you don't have all the information, your search may still turn up something useful. Search results may show a number a  number of types of articles and other information. Scanning the page sometimes provides you with treasures you didn't think of finding! Here are a few examples of the types of articles you might find.

  • Vital Records: birth announcements, marriage intentions, divorce information, obituaries, funeral notices, and more.
  • Family Reunions: family members coming from long distances
  • Weekly News & Social Columns little mentions of who was doing what where. "Mr. & Mrs. So and So played whist at the home of ...."
  • Front pages - most likely to include articles about large community news or events that may include mentions of people, photos and more.
  • Opinions, Letters to the Editors, Letters to Santa Claus
  • Classifieds & Advertisements
  • Probate Notices
  • Court Actions
  • Women's Pages - these often include minutes or notes from women's clubs, and recipes submitted by community members
  • School Related
  • Sports
  • Military - often includes a photo of an individual with details of their service
  • Shipping News - may include details of arrivals and departures of ships
  • Kids page - sometimes winners of contests, essays submitted by children, etc.

Ways to Find Newspaper Items of Interest

Ways to Find Historic Photos Featured in Newspapers

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