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Natick Local History

Where to Begin


Researching local history is an exciting way to learn about the place we call home.

There are awesome collections of local history that have been digitized and available on the internet. These have been made available by many local and national organizations. These same organizations will also have many local history items that have not been digitized so be sure to visit them in person when you have a chance.

We have collected links to online resources that will help you start your research:


Digital Archives | E-Resources | Vital Records | Obituaries & Cemeteries

Schools & Yearbooks | Historical Societies | More Guides | In-Library Resources

Digital Archives

Morse Institute E-Resources

Vital Records

Vital Records are government produced records documenting births, marriages, and deaths. They are important sources of information in genealogy research and can be good jumping off points if you are starting out on your research. They can contain information about where someone lived, what their occupation was plus information about their parents, spouse, or children.

Obituaries and Cemeteries

Obituaries for someone who lived in Natick or the Natick area may be found in one of the local newspapers. Our Genealogy Resources include several historical newspapers as well as databases that collect obituaries from nationwide sources. Obituaries that are older than 2005 may not be available in a digitized format.

Contact a reference librarian for more information about Natick cemetery lists!

Natick High School Sassamon Yearbooks and Natick Schools History

Local Historical Societies

More Local History Guides

In-Library Resources

These items are available by request to use in the library during business hours.

Selected indexes and research compiled by our librarians:

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