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When you begin to look for a new job, keep these suggestions in mind:

Create an email specifically for job searching:  It should be a professional email and have part or all of your name i.e. Alerts and postings sent to your job search email won't be mixed in with email from friends, family, or work. 

Update your resume and LinkedIn profile. If you have completed any recent projects or have taken on any new responsibilities you will want to include these in both your LinkedIn profile and resume.  Also review the visibility of your LinkedIn profile by exploring your privacy settings. If you don't have LinkedIn account, you may consider making one.

Let your network know your are searching: If you became unemployed recently or are looking to switch organizations/careers, let friends and family know. If you are currently employed, be careful who you share your decision with to avoid an uncomfortable situation at your current workplace. Be sure to include both current and past connections in your network.

Review your skill set. See how it may transfer to other jobs. For example, retail assistant skills may transfer to online customer service jobs.

The importance of using keywords. Keywords are descriptors of skills and attributes that hiring managers are looking for in a job candidate.

Hiring managers sometimes use computer programs known as applicant tracking systems — or ATS, for short — to save time and effort

on their part. Keywords matter when they're scanning your resume in these programs to gauge if your skill set is the right fit for an open position.

Join a professional organization: Many fields and professions have organizations that provide resources to their members including job postings, continuing education, and networking opportunities.

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