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Vital Records for Genealogy

Help with how to find and use birth, marriage & death records in your research.


Vital records include many types of documents such as birth, marriage, and death certificates. These records offer dates and other information that can be some of the best things to add, and begin your family history. This guide will provide you with websites to help you understand all the things vital records can be, and where they can be found. Additionally, you will find a section for locating cemetery information. Finally, the Library has several great, genealogy, and newspaper databases that you can use to search for vital records and other information that may be useful to your family research. Link to those databases from the righthand column "E-Resources."

What are Vital Records & How Can I Find Them?

Where to Obtain Vital Records: Official Copies & Other Resources

International Vital Records

Natick Cemeteries & Finding Cemeteries in Other Areas

Natick has eight cemeteries located in the town: Boden Lane Cemetery, Glenwood CemeteryDell Park Cemetery (Old and New), Framingham-Natick Hebrew Cemetery, the Indian Cemetery, North Cemetery, South Natick Burial Ground, St. Patrick's Cemetery

If you have the date of death but don't know the location of a grave, or which cemetery the grave is located in, checking is one of the best places to start. Started in 1995, information for is made possible by thousands of volunteers who new listings, updates, corrections, photographs, every hour. Additionally, people ass information about cemeteries to the site to help identify the final disposition information of the people buried there. Site management is done by the FindAGrave administrative team, and are not associated with the cemetery and don't have any information beyond what volunteers add. For more information about a specific cemetery, contact that cemetery.

Here is a list of the Natick Cemeteries included in, and the memorials that are included. Remember, updating memorial information is on-going. So it is possible the person you are looking for has not yet been added to the resource.

Boden Lane Cemetery: 1805 - 1996

Glenwood Cemetery: 1796 - mid 2020

Dell Park Cemetery (Old & New): 1794 - mid 2020

Framingham-Natick Hebrew Cemetery: 1907 up to mid-2020

North Cemetery: 1744 - mid-2020 

South Natick Burial Ground: 1733 - 1992

St. Patrick's Cemetery: 1826 - mid-2020

Indian Cemetery: FindAGrave does not have listings at this point. 

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